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CeLAN Announced IPv6 10GbE Stackable Switch -- February, 2016
Three IPv6 10GbE switche models are developed.
- SW HGS2804i-EV+: 24*GbE RJ45 + 4*10GbE SFP+ Stackable Switch
- SW HG242SFP-EV+: 24*GbE SFP + 2*10GbE SFP+ Fiber Optic Switch
- SW HG2602i-EV+: 24*GbE RJ45 + 2*10GbE SFP+ Switch

SW HGS2804i-EV+ supports stacking up to 16 devices in a Ring or Chain topology.
SW HG242SFP-EV+ is a FTTx switch with 10GbE Uplink and AC/DC dual power input.
SW HG2602i-EV+ is a cost effective high performance GbE switch with 10GbE Uplink.

All of them are full function management switch. IPv6 and lots of L2/L2+ functions are supported.


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