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CeLAN to Launch FTTH and EoVDSL Solutions at Computex Taipei 2002
Computex Taipei: 3 to 7 June 2002
Stand: A524, A574

(Hsinchu, Taiwan V April 15, 2002) CeLAN Technology, Inc. ("CeLAN"), a company based in Hsinchu, Taipei, is set to release powerful solutions for FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) and Ethernet-over-VDSL (EoVDSL, Ethernet over Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line).
Over the past few years, CeLAN has been focused in developing high-end intelligent switching hubs. The company is currently one of the largest providers of switches from Taiwan. CeLAN's Intelligent Switch Family includes a series of powerful solutions, such as EtherSW 1201Gi, EtherSW2400Fi-A, and EtherSW 2402FGi-A. All equipped with IGMP, VLAN and Quality of Service (QoS) supports, these products can ensure maximum bandwidth by reducing multicast transmissions, distribute data over the most efficient media and pathway, and provide the capability to prioritize certain tasks on the network.
Combined with the intelligent switching technology and fiber optics, CeLAN is set to launch a total solution for FTTH in the coming Computex Taipei 2002. The FTTH solution includes media converter and 8/12/24/48-port optical switches. All the products have the flexibility to be applied to various infrastructures e.g. single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, or single fiber WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing). The FTTH switches are also equipped with full management functions.
On the other hand, CeLAN will also provide EoVDSL solution, which includes CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and DSLAM (DSL Access Multiplexor), a central office device. Compared with other common DSL and cable technologies, Ethernet-over-VDSL is ideal for the Last Mile solution. It can co-exist with ADSL, ISDN, digital PBX system and analogue voice telephone services over the same copper wires. We believe the solution can be targeted at the fast-growing markets like MDU/MTU (Multi-Dwellings Unit/Multi-Tenant Unit). With the strong expertise in intelligent switch, CeLAN's EoVDSL DSLAMs support management features such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, etc.
CeLAN, an ISO-9001:2000 certified company, was established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in July 1992 by a group of highly experienced engineers for the mission of providing Quality Network Products. The company provides a broad range of local and wide area network solutions, including Network Interface Cards ("NICs"), Media Converters, 5/8/16/24-Port Smart Switches, Layer 2/3 Intelligent Switches, Gigabit Ethernet, Optical Switches, and IP Routers. CeLAN's products are highly ranked by global customers and have been widely applied to areas such as Fiber-to-the-Home ("FTTH"), Metropolitan Area Network ("MAN"), MDU/MTU (Multi-Dwellings Unit/Multi-Tenant Unit), Business/Campus Networking, and SOHO (Small Office, Home Office).

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