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CeLAN Technology, Inc. ("CeLAN") was established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in July 1992 by a group of highly experienced engineers for the mission of providing Quality Network Products.
We develop, manufacture, and market a broad range of local and wide area network solutions, including Media Converters, 16/24-Port Smart Switches, Layer 2/3 Intelligent Switches, Gigabit Ethernet, Optical Switches, VDSL Switch and IP Routers. CeLAN's products are highly regarded by global customers and have been widely applied to areas such as Fiber-to-the-Home ("FTTH"), Metropolitan Area Network ("MAN"), MDU/MTU (Multi-Dwellings Unit/Multi-Tenant Unit), Business/Campus Networking, and SOHO.
CeLAN's leading R&D capability and manufacturing process have established winning partnerships with a number of formidable networking companies around the world. Considerable investments in state-of-the-art automation systems have allowed CeLAN to support customers with cost-effective and reliable solutions. Our professional PCB assembly, equipped SMT manufacturing lines at world-class standard, together with our strong management team, contribute significantly to our rapid revenue growth over the past few years.


  CeLAN Technology Inc. was founded with initial paid-up capital of US$0.5 million
  Received Innovation Research Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs ("MOEA") for its Intelligent Ethernet Hub
  Started plant construction in Hsinchu Industrial Park
  Paid-up capital increased to US$2.1 million
  Plant construction completed and mass production started
  Received ISO-9001 certification in Oct.
  Paid-up capital increased to US$4.9 million
  Set up CeLAN USA in Newark, California
  Paid-up capital increased to US$6.3 million
  Launched 24-port switches EtherSW-2400/ EtherSW-2400F
  Upgraded high-speed SMT lines and clean room
  Launched intelligent switches EtherSW-2400Fi/ EtherSW-2402Gi
  Paid-up capital increased to US$8.6 million
  Received ISO-9001:2000 certification
  Unveiled MDU/MTU product family
  EtherSW-2402Gi received "Symbol of Excellence" award from CETRA
  Received Certification of Strategic Industry from MOEA
  EtherSW-2402FGi-A and EtherSW-8F41Gi received "Symbol of Excellence" awards from CETRA
  Developed 8/16/24-port FTTx solutions
  Launched intelligent switches EtherSW-242mFGi-A
  Launched intelligent switches EtherSW-0800i-E, EtherSW-1601Fi-E, EtherSW-2401Fi-E, EtherSW-2402Fi-EA & EtherSW-2606FGi-F
  Launched VDSL Switch VS-2402FGi-A, VS-2402FGi-A11
  Launched IP router EtherRS-0511


Strategic partnership with clients
Dedication to providing high-quality network solutions
Create a win-win situation between customers and CeLAN

CeLAN has a long-term commitment to networking industry. We aim to maximize customer satisfaction and achieve a leading industry position through partnership with our clients as well as providing best-quality network solutions. We will strive to create a win-win situation between customers and CeLAN.




Continuous R&D investments to maintain technology leadership
Non-stop efficiency improvement
Stringent quality control without compromise
Superior service to meet customers' requirements
Strictly adhering to business integrity & ethics

In the ever-dynamic environment, CeLAN believes technology, quality, efficiency, and service are keys to our continuous success. We always take a long-term perspective in our decision making. We differentiate ourselves from market competition by continuous R&D investments, efficiency improvement, stringent quality control, and superior customer service. Most importantly, we strictly demand our business conduct and our people to adhere to high degree of business integrity and ethics under all circumstances.


CeLAN Technology Inc.
No.12, Kuang Fu S.Rd., HsinChu Industrial Park, HsinChu Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL: 886-3-5979888 FAX: 886-3-5978765